Weekend Workshops

Full Saturday and Sunday programming to learn, grow, and have fun! These weekend workshops are designed for families to learn together. We want our youth to have the support they need to continue in their own adventures.

Image by Johanser Martinez
Image by Benjamin Davies

Rock Climbing

Get ready to learn what you need to begin your climbing adventures. In this workshop we will cover all safety equipment, how to connect to the system, belay and climbing technique, along with verbal commands. And then we'll climb!

Fall 2021


Designed to build confidence on the water, we start with important safety concepts and how to identify the boat. We then move on to basic paddle strokes and steering as we progress from land-based to on-water learning.

Fall 2021
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Compass & Map


Want to explore and set up camp on the move? We cover the subjects of shelters, food and water, various terrain crossing, orienteering and Leave No Trace. Using Colorado's beauty as a scenic backdrop, we'll teach your youth how to take care of themselves in the wilderness.

Fall 2021

Land Navigation

Learn how to navigate with a map and compass. Not to be confused with orienteering, this is a more in-depth look at understanding a map and location. From terrain association to triangulation we will teach the skills necessary to find yourself in the wilderness.

Fall 2021