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Corporate sponsorship

Working together to promote diversity, inclusion, and sustainability

Our work is made possible, in part, thanks to the generous funding and support from various organizations and foundations. Support us as a organization or sponsor a specific school or program!


Learn how we can support each other when you contribute:

From marketing on social media to a logo on our bus, employee adventure days, corporate team building, and more!

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Impact is calculated to support a group size of up to 15 youth!



Could support one full year class at a partnered school! This will support students in their education and experiences towards become newfound outdoor stewards. We calculate over 160+ contact hours per student in which to facilitate their social emotional learning in group dynamics and the outdoors.


Could support the dream of many students! Helping our students explore the world! This support would allow students to take National and International trips. Imagine allowing a group of students to enjoy their first-time leaving Denver, CO. Thier first time seeing the ocean, whether it is enjoying the beach or viewing from above. Support their curiosity and expand their horizons.


Could support statewide National Park overnights! Most of our students have never left the city of Denver. Allow them to explore their home state by participating in Colorado National Park overnights. They will be able to see all of Colorado while camping and exploring the state's National Parks.


Could support the very first camping trips of our youth! With the lessons learned from spending multiple days in the outdoors you better believe you will be helping our students grow internally and externally. You will help build resilience and new ways of thinking for them. Can't forget having them experience their first time not showering and digging a cathole!


Could support a full day of skiing or snowboarding at Echo Mountain! This would be for a full group that includes lift ticks, rentals, and instruction. Encourage our students to experience a new way to enjoy the winter.


Could support full day activities! These include taking our students rock climbing, paddling, or on a hike for their first time. With some students who opt to return to our classes you will be supporting their further passion and progression in their desired activity.


Could support an indoor climbing day at our partner gym! Having our students spend their class climbing is great for their health, education, and mental mindset. This is how we get them hooked and passionate about adventure.



Pathfinder - $15,000 - $25,000

Explorer - $7,500 - $14,999


Adventurer - $5,000 - $7,499 



up to $2,500

Interested in sponsoring with us to promote diversity and inclusion in the outdoors?

New Treks is constantly searching for new opportunities for our students and programs alike. Contact to discuss partnership opportunities!

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