Rock Climbing Daily Plan


As we gather to begin the day we will hold a introduction game to learn of the group's dynamic. When we arrive at the first climbing site we will discuss site management and safety, and giving clear expectations for the week. After we gain a familiarity with what a climbing site is we will explain the main pieces of safety equipment and gear that your youth will use, to include the figure 8 knot and ATC function. 

This location is selected to comfortably introduce your youth to climbing. There will be a rappelling station set up to ease them to being at height and learning the proper position to lower after a climb. They will also grasp the function of the ATC for future application. There will be a bouldering site to introduce them to hand hold and body position.

After these exercises are completed we will move to the top rope climbing area which will teach them how to belay each other safely while using their backup belayer for support. This will be easier climbs to build confidence in both the climber and belayer.


We will begin the day with peer review, in small groups, of the safety equipment and figure 8 knot to reinforce learning. This will lead us into more day climbing with an afternoon discussion on more advanced gear that a climber tends to keep on their person. We will also cover how climbs are rated so they can track their progress as we continue to climb.


As we expand our climbing areas they learn various types of rock and formations. After some warm up climbs we will discuss the more prevalent rocks in the Denver area and what other rock there is to climb on in other parts of the US. We will talk about the pros and cons of each and how rock formations play a role in technique. 

Staying active into the afternoon, we will end the day with expanding their knowledge in knots and how to set up climbing anchors.


As we start climbing more advanced routes we begin to examine more advanced types of climbing. We will brush over sport and trad climbing so they have a understanding of it if they wish to continue. 

After some climbing the instructors will explain who the certifying bodies in the sport are and other climbing education approaches.


The final day is about reflection. We will review any information or questions your child may have. The focus, however, will be on climbing and working on technique.