Backpacking Daily Plan


We will begin with some introduction games to get to know our fellow hikers and understand their goals.  This will help identify the strengths and weaknesses of the group. From there we will head to our first camp and hike area. As we arrive to the camp area we will discuss what factors to look for in an optimal campsite. We then move into our first project of setting up tents and understanding tent and campsite etiquette. 
Moving forward we will learn how to properly pack a backpack for efficiency and comfort as well as the basic needs for a day pack and a multiday pack. When packs are set we will set off for the hike of the day.


We start the day hiking and cover trail map reading at key points on the hike. We will cover basic compass work and map orientation so your youth has an understanding of maps. As we finish the hike we will teach tarp shelters and various configurations with the different knots and hitches used to assist with such shelters. Knots and hitches range from bowline knot, trucker's hitch, clove hitch, half hitch, etc.


Today we review and build upon our map reading skills to get a more in-depth understanding of orienteering. As we hike through the day each individual will get a chance to lead the group. Throughout the day we will cover topics of nutrition/hydration needs on backpacking trips and various ways to obtain clean drinking water.


We continue to explore Colorado's landscape and understand the importance of thermal regulation and layering. This ties into the teaching of various types of gear and the materials they are made from. At the end of the day we will review items a standard medical kit should have for personal use.


The final day is about reflection. We will review Leave No Trace practices that we have been teaching all week. The focus, however, will be covering mileage. Throughout the week we have built up our strength, conditioning, and knowledge and we want to put that to the test.