After School Workshops

After school programming to help with your work schedule. We teach our lessons on site at the school to have the most time with the students. We hope these lessons will spark more of an interest to progress into day trips.


Rock Climbing

Designed to teach the fundamentals of climbing while enjoying the sport. We will teach the purpose of the equipment used and how to operate safely. Individuals will learn how to properly connect to the system to belay and climb!


Designed to build confidence on the water. We will teach an understanding of the safety gear needed and parts of the boat. Paddling instruction will be taught in a progressive style over the two day to leave time for on water fun!

Land Navigation

Designed for those who go off the beaten path. Not to be confused with orienteering, this is a more in-depth look at understanding location. From terrain association to triangulation we will teach the skills needed to know where one is at all times.