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About Us


Our mission is to teach socioeconomically diverse youth the foundations of adventure so they can safely and confidently experience the outdoors.


Our vision is to have the outdoors be more accessible by creating a more diverse and equitable community.


Our goal is to normalize outdoor education and to create the next generation of stewards. Through experiential and social-emotional learning we encourage youth to foster a sense of self, a familiarity with nature, build community, gain confidence, and create new opportunities.

At New Treks, we are increasing access to the outdoors for Denver's underserved youth. Time, money, transportation, and knowledge are among the many barriers preventing underprivileged youth from recreating outside and we believe that the outdoors should be accessible to anyone who wants to explore it. Through our partnerships we are lowering those barriers so that more youth can confidently venture into the outdoors.


We partner with schools to teach outdoor education and social emotional learning in and out of the classroom. This brings the outdoors into students’ daily lives, creating a consistent, safe environment for them to grow and develop their skills. Our courses are tailored to your organization’s needs so that students can get the most out of the class. Bringing outdoor education into schools ensures students and families do not need to cover costs themselves. We believe the outdoors can empower Denver’s underprivileged youth to find healthy outlets, expand their horizons, and build resiliency.



Access: By sharing knowledge, gear, and transportation, we are making the outdoors more accessible for youth.

Cultivation: Learning both hard and soft skills associated with the outdoors ensures that youth gain transferable life skills so they can better navigate the world around them.

Connection: We are creating a new generation of outdoor stewards who will bring diversity, equity, and inclusion into the outdoors.

Empowerment: We believe the outdoors can be a catalyst for growth, both physically and mentally. We challenge and encourage our youth to persevere through difficult situations.

Sense: We create a safe space for youth to develop a sense of self so they can better understand themselves, their peers, and the natural world around them.

Self-reliance: By fostering our youth's awareness through the outdoors they become more confident in themselves and their abilities.

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