About Us


Our mission is to teach socioeconomically diverse youth the foundations of adventure so they can safely and confidently experience the outdoors.


Our vision is that through school partnerships, we can bring experiential and social-emotional learning to the classroom so that the outdoors can be accessible for all of Denver’s youth to safely explore.

At New Treks, we are increasing access to the outdoors for Denver's underserved youth. Time, money, transportation, and knowledge are among the many barriers preventing underprivileged youth from recreating outside and we believe that the outdoors should be accessible to anyone who wants to explore it. Through our partnerships we are lowering those barriers so that more youth can confidently venture into the outdoors.


We partner with schools to teach outdoor education and social emotional learning in and out of the classroom. This brings the outdoors into students’ daily lives, creating a consistent, safe environment for them to grow and develop their skills. Our courses are tailored to your organization’s needs so that students can get the most out of the class. Bringing outdoor education into schools ensures students and families do not need to cover costs themselves. We believe the outdoors can empower Denver’s underprivileged youth to find healthy outlets, expand their horizons, and build resiliency.



Access: We bring new opportunity to underserved groups so they can more easily access, enjoy, and experience the outdoors.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We believe the outdoors should be a welcoming and inclusive space for people from all backgrounds, and we recognize, support, and promote the change that needs to happen to make that possible.

Growth: We promote adventure as a catalyst for physical and mental growth. We consistently challenge our students so that they strengthen their abilities.

Confidence: We encourage our students to recognize their achievements and take pride in their skills and abilities, because high expectations and new achievements cultivate confidence in youth.

Connection to Nature: We foster a safe environment for our students to experience nature. As they learn about their external environment they will grow within their internal environment.


Commitment to the Individual: We connect with each of our students so they feel supported through their journey with outdoor recreation by giving them individual attention and personalized support.